Scotland..Independence focused


Newsnet Scotland  : redressing the imbalance in the reporting of Scottish News and Current Affairs  by the UK Union biased press and other media.

Bella Caledonia  :  This newspaper/website is another which attempts to level playing fields between the Union and Scotland in the accurate information stakes.  From their Caledonia Dreaming link……not one newspaper in Scotland supports the policy of independence supported by half of the six parties in Holyrood. That is not only anti-democratic, it is a disgrace to journalism and an affront to free speech.

Political Blogs by Scots (politicians and punters)

Scottish Government Blogs  : It is what it says on the tin…..blogs  from members in/advisors of the Scottish Government.

Wings Over Scotland :  A (mainly) Scottish political media digest and monitor, which also offers its own commentary.

Just Independence Politics………… from Right to Left and Inbetween

Yes, Scotland!   :  The campaign for an Independent Scotland which is all inclusive. It doesn’t matter about your Scottish or your UK political affiliations if you are for Scottish Independence,

The Jimmy Reid Foundation :  brings together voices and minds from across the spectrum of left politics in Scotland

The Scottish Democratic Alliance  :  For a  Scotland governed by Scots for the Scots……a sovereign Scotland, with a seat at the United Nations and at the top tables in Europe

Labour for Independence : comprised of Labour Party members and habitual /past Labour  voters who support the social democratic principles of a real Scottish Labour party (as opposed to the UK version of Labour)  and who understand that only independence can create the environment for a party like this to exist.

The Liberal Democratic Voice :  this link is not to the UK-wide Lib-Dem Home page but to an opinion specifically relating to how LibDems should be dealing with the possibility of Scottish Independence. There is no specifically Scottish Lib-Dem site that I can find.


Records of the Parliament of Scotland until 1707  :  St Andrews University project….dates of documents go from 1235 up until the Union.

Scotland’s History  :  Scottish Education Resource.