Why “Improve” stuff so it no longer works.

Why is it that people who write software work on the premise that if it works fine…flaming well break it to the extent that it adds completely unnecessary bloated crap because they can, not because it improves anything!

I look at Facebook.and Windoze and Firefox,only three of many software programmes bloated out of usefulness and ease of use. and feel like screaming as they tell me what I must do.or ask me if I’m sure I want to do something.or just ask me silly questions they really don’t want me to answer!

The Family Search site has joined the waste of space facilities on the Internet…and prompted this whine.  I’ve been on the internet since the mid 1990s and been using Family Search almost from day one…and it was ace. As long as I remembered that submitted info wasn’t proven info, I could look for, say, a marriage….and get a list of marriages referencing the appropriate name and dates if I had input dates as a start point for my research..  Now, in the bogging new set-up, I can put in a name..and dates, request marriage details for that name. within those dates ….and get  pages of census info from  anywhere  somebody has input their birth place as Scotland,;children born to someone  with that name,; birth details for someone with that name;….and  interspersed among the pages of  information I didn’t ask for, the occasional marriage. Why anyone would think that I am prepared to check through up to 15 + pages which, Family Search kindly tells me.. “are not what I’m looking for but may be of interest” I’m damned if I know.  If it isn’t what I requested..why show me it?


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