Campaign for Scottish Independence Launched…Unionist View

Now why am I not surprised, given the media/press focus on being much more than fair to the Union to the extent of blatant lying, and much less than fair to those of us who want to get out of the Union, that  the Daily Failograph’s headline is Campaign for Scottish independence launched and follows it’s header (which almost reads reasonable) with The campaign to break up Britain today urged a million Scots to sign a new declaration of independence but admitted it will not provide any details of how a separate country would operate.

Let’s examine that absolute crap!  Firstly we are not breaking up Britain…..we are trying to remove ourselves from a treaty signed 305 years ago (much as so many want to get out of the EU signed a lot more recently by other politicians without a brain among them)…and a treaty which, says that England gets to dictate to us…to suit English aspirations. We are not sending out JCBs to divide us from  England Britain will always exist…even though Great Britain, the political entity,  may not.

I’m not inclined to think that  the numbers objecting to/in favour of anything makes a lot of difference to a UK Government wedded to their own mindset. How much difference did the anti-Iraq war online impetus/subsequent march make to even getting Government to think twice about that currently ongoing big fail?   Seems to me, nothing at all!

Any Unionist..any one at all, care to provide any details as to how the Union will be working after 2014?  No? I thought not.  We know what the Union will do from now until at least 2015 and the next election..and we know what the Tories will do if they get a majority next UK election round….but we don’t know how any of it will work and what difference it will make re reducing borrowing, repaying debt. and cutting austerity . After all, what UK Governments trying to improve anything  from the time of the economic melt-down, have managed  to improve anything so far?

At the end of the day, voting for Independence is a gamble….but staying in the Union is just as much a gamble.   So I guess if you don’t buy lottery tickets or scratchcards,, you won’t be inclined to pay £1 for independence..(or the £2 to which it appears to have been increased.)